February 21, 2009


Hier , les artistes de "La Cellule" ont presenté des installations artistiques au Musée d'Art
Contemporain de Lima, mieux connu sous le "MAC" à Barranco.
J'aimerai vous presenter trois photos d'une installation, les "corps" offraient des bonbons à travers d'une ouverture... tellement délicieux!

February 14, 2009

Would you be my violentine?

Usually, i don't use these colors on my clothes, no more, i used a long time ago.
But in this ocation i wanted to use it on a more naive way.
Meanwhile, i will have more panties versions on different colors and they will be available for any request.

It was a little proposal for valentines day, a little unusual from my part,but
i took my chances to make something special for this day.
Would you be my bloody valentine?