January 28, 2009


One of the proposals presented in the Paris Fashion Week for Men, was DUNHILL, directed by Kim Jones having a modern touch in such details as wider thread stitches in the cuffs and on his dark jackets, very delightful.

How different would it be for me to design men outfits? This is not the only style I would wear.
But every line in general on these sweater-tie looks, fill in the void of the known formal style of the common man, clichè that I don`t follow. They could wear some kind of hat to be more spontaneous and try to take away that forced look. It also has a great influence on me the casual colors. I can imagine me wearing this.
But as a woman designer who knows the felling, I can`t find myself designing for men.

January 25, 2009


i was checking the fashion week in Paris, first, two looks by Yohji Yamamoto, it's like a man in the catwalk as if he walks in his bedroom.
In this collection can we see a type of loose pajamas, long shorts and the king was the skort , a combination of skirt and short, definitely i choose a kind of cardigan over in a sweater.
It looks so relax and comfortable.

January 21, 2009


121 containers made of glass, filled with thousands coloured screw tops from empty plastic bottles, illuminated by garden lights was the recent project by sculptor Victor Castro Lozano, I live near the place of the event and as far as I know, most of the bottle tops were recollected in the central park of Miraflores, Lima, the name of the project was named "SOY UN RECOLECTOR" (I AM A RECOLLECTOR), though I took some pictures like the one above I never knew if there were really exactly 121 containers but the idea was pretty clear, though there is still a doubt in my mind: what is he going to do with so much plastic...is he contributing with the ecology or not?...donate them to make more plastic?...sell the pieces separately?...you choose.

January 14, 2009

Lovely shoe

I love shoes, especially boots.I like photography as well, and
if they countain images of beautiful accesories, definitely
i will pay more atention.
The art of making shoes since the primary form, untill
the end of the day that your feet end up all hurtfull and
uncorfortable thought it would be a pleasure wear them
with distinction.

This wonderful shoes are from Annabel Winship,
you can see more at http://www.annabelwinship.com/ .

Like her's there are the special shoes by Prada, in her last
collection, originals and easy to the eye, reminding me like
fish fins that come upwards from the heel, an innovative
proposal, like the usual coctail shoes that shouldn't be
forgotten on any shoe closet.

And this last one I love!
Let's play lego?

January 11, 2009

De Etiqueta

These wonderful illustrations are from Marie Blanco Hendrickx Aka Mijn Schatje.
When i saw her work, suddenly my eyes shine with joy, it's looks so pure and dreamy,
both so romantic and surreal introduces you to another time.
Her works have been published in magazines such as WeAr,Computer Arts,Dazed&Confused,
Pig Magazine an so many more.
She lives in Paris and probably she's thinking in her next project.


Here is BELOVED latest collection.
I share with you my contribution
in this work.

pd: thanks Carla and Johanna,however for her,
next time we will make sure to keep you warm.
Love is in the air

January 10, 2009

She will Be loved

it will be the LAST DANCE in San Isidro.

January 8, 2009

Stephen Sprouse

"Rock on Mars" of Stephen Sprouse (1953-2004)
at Deitch project galery in New York.


The virus of hate infects your mind,

animals can't hate, they are simply survivors.

So human beings might learn something from the animal kingdom... but in the end they are just still human beings.

January 5, 2009