January 14, 2009

Lovely shoe

I love shoes, especially boots.I like photography as well, and
if they countain images of beautiful accesories, definitely
i will pay more atention.
The art of making shoes since the primary form, untill
the end of the day that your feet end up all hurtfull and
uncorfortable thought it would be a pleasure wear them
with distinction.

This wonderful shoes are from Annabel Winship,
you can see more at http://www.annabelwinship.com/ .

Like her's there are the special shoes by Prada, in her last
collection, originals and easy to the eye, reminding me like
fish fins that come upwards from the heel, an innovative
proposal, like the usual coctail shoes that shouldn't be
forgotten on any shoe closet.

And this last one I love!
Let's play lego?


Anonymous said...

that is a full copy of the ORIGINAL, made by STEVE MADDEN.
the original its better and nicer, that's a full and getto copy.

Anonymous said...

BTW im talking about the one that you loved.